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London Live Trading isn’t your dad’s boring finance show. We’re breaking down the forex market live, with Richard Wells as your guide. Think of him as your forex mate, dropping knowledge and making killer trades alongside a crew of awesome co-hosts and guest traders.
This show’s all about real-time action, with predictions sharper than your phone’s camera. We win big, we might take some Ls (gotta learn somehow, right?), but most importantly, we have a blast.
Ditch the textbooks and forget the suits. London Live Trading is your one-stop shop to level up your forex game, all while keeping it chill. We’re talking high-energy market moves, clear explanations, and enough fun to make learning about finance feel, well, not like learning at all.

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About the host

Richard Wells

Richard brings over 6 years of experience in the financial markets, with a deep focus on the forex world, particularly major currency pairs. He's a data enthusiast, constantly testing and refining a wide range of strategies – from supply and demand to ICT, swing trading, position trading, and even scalping. Through live streams on TradeDelicious, Richard sheds light on lesser-known aspects of trading. He's passionate about sharing his experiences, both the wins and the inevitable losses, offering real-talk inspiration for aspiring traders. His ultimate goal? To crack the code: understanding not just how markets move, but the deeper "why" behind it all.

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The show airs Monday to Firday at 7:30 p.m., London time

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