Trading Insights: A Deep Dive with Aaron, A Self-Taught Trader

Aaron Collier, an experienced self-taught trader, to understand his trading journey and gain insight into his strategy, methodology, and vision for the future.

Starting Off: The Early Days of Aaron’s Trading Journey

Aaron’s introduction to trading was somewhat of a classic tale. A keen interest in mathematics from a young age had him well-suited for the statistical and strategic side of the trading world. His father, an engineer, further instilled in him the value of careful analysis and smart decisions. A key moment came when he found himself being good at a board game called “billionaire” where investing was prominent. This served as a pivotal lesson in trusting one’s analysis and taking risks.

Building a Trading Strategy: The Self-Taught Approach

Aaron adopted a self-taught approach, consuming a wealth of resources on trading methodologies, strategies, and psychology. With no formal training, he learned from freely available material online, countless hours studying charts, and analyzing trades. A notable resource was the book “Mastering the Trade” by John F. Carter, which helped him understand the intricacies of trading.

A Day in Aaron’s Trading Life

A typical day for Aaron starts early, at 5:30 AM, focusing on the markets, making pre-market analysis, and formulating a strategy for the day. He dedicates a chunk of his day to mentoring others, and sharing his knowledge, truly highlighting his passion for trading.

Preferred Assets and Trading Methodology

Aaron’s preferred assets include the NASDAQ, E-mini, and oil. His choice of these three assets stems from his understanding of their “heartbeat” and familiarity with their fluctuations. He has spent considerable time studying these assets and developing a keen understanding of their patterns, providing him with a statistical edge. It’s also crucial to note that he doesn’t necessarily correlate positions between the E-mini and the NASDAQ, despite some correlations. Aaron is quick to explain that even though these two markets often move in sync, they don’t always present identical trading opportunities. When presented with simultaneous A+ setups on multiple assets, Aaron emphasizes focusing on one chart at a time due to his attention constraints. He carefully weighs the potential of each opportunity and picks the one that aligns best with his strategy and market conditions.

The Trading Philosophy and Future Vision

As for the future, Aaron aspires to continue trading and aims to transition gradually into a teaching role, sharing his knowledge and experiences with the trading community. He envisions a future where he remains actively involved in the markets while trading less frequently. Aaron’s journey offers a wealth of insights into the world of trading, emphasizing perseverance, constant learning, and adaptation. His approach underscores that trading isn’t just about the markets; it’s also about understanding oneself and one’s unique perspective on risk and reward. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews and deep-dives into the world of trading!

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