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Why Keeping A Journal Is Important!

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Drawing inspiration from the Morning Journal, a technique championed by the likes of Carl Jung, this practice involves unfiltered, stream-of-consciousness writing to unlock the power of the unconscious mind.

Delve into the healing process after market setbacks, breaking down each day’s focus – from expressing raw emotions to fostering self-reflection, personal growth, and envisioning a future transformed by trading resilience. As the journey unfolds, it emphasizes the importance of mental fortitude even before entering the markets, urging aspiring traders to educate themselves, sharpen their minds, and establish success habits.


This captivating exploration isn’t just about trading; it’s a holistic approach to leveling up both in the markets and in life. So, grab that pen, embrace courage, and join the adventure toward a mindset shift and trading success.

Summary of the Video

Louise Bedford provides a candid account of her knowledge and experiences with journaling. She discusses the highs and lows he has encountered throughout the process and action steps on how to get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of Journaling

  • How to get started and do it correctly

  • What you will encounter

  • The overall benefits of journaling


Louise Bedfords years of experience in both trading and psychology coaching has led her to be a frontier in the industry. Listen to the words she says as everything she is bringing to your attention is evidence based and real results will come from it.

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Table of Contents

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